Property Management

fee structure 1440x600 image 2 is a professional real estate services company with nearly 200 residential doors under management, and generations of management experience in San Antonio’s MidTown rental market. We staff a professional crew of maintenance technicians. Hiring us to manage your property ensures fewer phone calls and fewer headaches, as well as more advertising exposure and more quality tenants.

For owner-operators who want to continue to manage their own properties, we do offer tenant-location services at fees higher than what our Property Management clients pay. This is a customizable service, but is offered as a turnkey solution featuring our premium lease-marketing package. The Lease-Marketing Package includes unit photography, marketing, MLS listing, tenant background check processing, and (if desired) lease writing and signature management.  The fee with the property, but can be as low as half of one month’s rent. You will find the ease of working with us is well worth the cost. Our hope is you begin to imagine letting us to take over full-time management, or at least having us list the property for sale whenever the time comes. If you need help finding a tenant, please call us to start the conversation of how we can become your go-to Realty Firm.

We offer a tiered management commission structures ranging from 7.75% – 13% of gross rents, optional advertising upgrade fees, cost-plus labor, special services (like evictions), and run background checks on every tenant over 17 years of age at no additional cost to you.  In fact, we offer our full-time management clients a no-charge “Good Tenant Guarantee,” and will never put a tenant into your building we would not want to live in our own homes.

When selecting a management company, consider that most tenants move around within a narrow geographic area. This is especially true of tenants being forced out by their current landlords. As a result, many inner-city landlords simply end up trading bad tenants.  When you have off-site or non-professional managers, there’s an increased chance you’ll be a bad tenant’s next victim.  Our on-site / near-site management puts us head-and-shoulders above other management companies in terms of our ability to protect the long-term life expectancy of your building and helps to make sure the neighborhood’s problem tenants don’t fly in under the radar to make you their next victim.

We do things differently. We approach our management vocationally rather than occupationally.  We live in the neighborhoods we manage. We see and interact with our tenants in the grocery store, at restaurants, and at our children’s school functions. This makes us uniquely able to consistently find quality, long-term tenants to keep your properties producing and protected.

As licensed and knowledgeable real estate professionals, we are also able to assist you in the purchase / sale of both investment properties and private residences. Our goals are to improve your bottom line and reduce your property’s likelihood of limiting your lifestyle. In other words, we work hard to ensure you have the money and the time to pursue your life’s passions [rather than your tenants, your managers, and your vendors]. As an added perk, our system has built-in rewards for management clients who use us to buy and sell their properties.

Management Fees

Our mission is to improve your property’s value by increasing rents and quality of life for tenants and property owners through community involvement, active management, full-time maintenance staff, and investment in more effective management tools than most owner-operators can afford to employ on their own.

What We Provide

  • Professional near-site management.  We live in the area and keep a much closer eye on our client’s properties and tenants than a huge management firm across town can afford to do
  • Bilingual, background-checked staff
    • We are always looking for quality individuals to augment our team. If you have a quality crew member you are concerned about having to let go when you hire us, please tell us! We’d love to interview them and seek a way to add them to our team!
  • Live interview to augment and enhance Application Intake & Processing ensures more accurate results and more beneficial leasing decisions
  • Mutual commitment to eliminate hazardous tenants from the neighborhood means we won’t fill your units with deadbeats or rejects from other properties—those folks need to leave the neighborhood, not become your next problem
    • Quit trading your bad tenants for your neighbor’s bad tenants
    • Spend less time and money rehabbing units
    • Fewer slow-pays, no-pays & vacancies
    • Fill units with higher-quality, long-term tenants
  • Property Condition Forms given at move-in to compare at move-out before deposits returned
  • Digitized records of leases, applications, etc
  • Rent Work-outs with tenants
  • Available to meet SAHA Inspectors at property for Section 8 inspections
  • Regular visual inspections and trash pick-up around the grounds
    • Avoid couches & mattresses languishing by dumpsters for weeks / months
    • Get vandalism repaired more readily and make tenants feel safer
  • Eviction filings & J.P. Court appearances
  • Beautiful Online Listings with multiple Photos Posted to dozens of online search sites, including: Zillow
Craigslist Backpage
Trulia eBay Classifieds
Oodle Yahoo! Real Estate
  • MLS listing (optional, additional fee applies)
  • Tenants are able to submit work orders to us 24 hours a day via the internet
  • Corporate discounts on many of the most expensive materials (If you don’t already buy over 500 gallons of paint a year, we can save you a lot.)
  • Discounted Tax Protest Services (free informal /formal protests)
  • Annual  W-2’s and 1099’s handled by us for all vendors / contractors for the work we do on your behalf
  • Save thousands on major overhauls: We offer you the opportunity to not pay us when you want to tackle a big repair or upgrade yourself
  • We are here to make your investment work for you, not to work you through your investment

We are committed to improving the neighborhoods and tenant communities we serve. We work with seasoned investors and newbies alike.  If you are interested in more information or hiring us affect a positive return on your rental units, please contact us at