Tax Protests

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San Antonio’s housing market is a broad and dynamic landscape effected annually by a wide spectrum of factors. This fact creates some amazing opportunities for home owners and investors alike, and it creates undue property-tax burdens as well. Michael Lockridge’s family’s been involved in MidTownSA for over 30 years as both residents and investors. They have run the numbers, and statistics say you are likely being forced to pay WAY TOO MUCH in property tax! Here are 2 things you need to know:

  1. Bexar County Tax Appraisal values have NOTHING to do with the market value of your home–except that the higher your taxes today, the less your home is worth to a future buyer.  Michael Lockridge’s research PROVES Bexar County may be forcing you to pay TWICE YOUR FAIR SHARE of Tax.  Stand up to them!
  2. Bexar County doesn’t usually send you a notice of your rights to property tax notice unless they have increased your tax burden, but YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PROTEST even if they already reduced your valuation from AND IF YOU HIRE US YOU WILL WIN!
  3. You could keep over $1,000 of your own money when you HIRE US.
Address Starting After Our Work Yearly Savings
106 Pinckney $218,450 $140,000 $2,045.01
1613 Benton $100,570 $55,260 $1,181.13
  1. That’s over $3,200 in hard-earned money that would have gone to taxes EVERY YEAR if we hadn’t protested—and we can get similar results for you!

Saving on your property taxes this year will mean you save on your property’s taxes every year! You can absolutely protest your taxes yourself against the Appraisal District. Be prepared, however, that it can be a major time consuming hassle. The appraisal district has millions of data points to justify their over-valuation of your home’s tax value. How will you counter that? Wouldn’t you rather leverage Michael’s experience and his proprietary research risk-free?!  Hire us to protest your property taxes, and he’ll fight for you at both the informal and formal hearings (if necessary) for one low, affordable investment of just $250 for any 1-4 family property. Our methods are so effective that we can guarantee results: If we don’t SAVE YOU AT LEAST 150% OF YOUR INVESTMENT WITH US you will receive a full refund!

Protesting can be tough, but it is necessary—and research proves this is the year to do it! Together we can make a positive difference—for your pocket book, and for our neighborhood.

If satisfactory results cannot be obtained at either the informal or the formal hearings, Realty offers tax arbitration for an additional $500 plus the billable expenses (i.e. filing fees) related to your specific case.  The 150% guarantee does not apply to arbitration services.